Ph.D. Luis Gustavo Cardoso

International Law

Consultant and Lawyer with more than 15 years of legal experience and focus on Public and Private International Law, Compliance, Heritage and Works of Art

What kind of professional I am

Legal Counsel registered before the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/SC 44.723). Postdoctoral Researcher in Visual Arts (UnB). PhD in Law (UFPR). Associated at the Center of Constitutional Studies (CCONS/UFPR). Master in Legal and Social Sciences (UFF). Specialist in Public Law (UCAM). Bachelor in Philosophy (UFSC). Bachelor in Law (UNESP), with additional training in Economic Complexity (Universität Zurich), Public International Law (The Hague Academy of International Law) and Human Rights and International Organizations (Brazilian Mission in Geneva).

What do I do

Consulting and defense in Brazilian and international courts and arbitration chambers, application of foreign law, international contracts, civil and criminal liability

International Law
Assets defense

Defense of personal, business and real estate assets, inheritance, investments, finances, national and foreign assets

Protection and management of assets and works of art, compliance and prevention of money laundering, logistics contracts, transportation, curatorship, loan and exhibition of works

Artwork, Collections and Art Market


He is a dedicated professional, technically extremely qualified, whose treatment is humane and affectionate. Those people that the team misses to working with.

Daniela Dora Eilberg, Ph.D.

Cybercrime Programme Officer and PhD in Criminal Law (UNODC)

I would like to emphasize Luis Gustavo's high level of discretion on dealing with sensitive issues and confidential information, being attentive to details; his high level of respectfulness while working in diplomatic environment; and his capacity in working under pressure. In addition, I point out that Luis Gustavo Cardoso has a high level of intelligence, which certainly puts him in advantage of assuming positions that requires a more pragmatic thinking and, hence, his contribution on issues that involve decision-making.

Maurício Vieira, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Head of the Chair on Countering Illicit Trade and Preventing Transnational Organized Crime at the University for Peace (UPEACE) - UN Mandated | Founder & Executive Director at Educação Global

I had the pleasure to work with Luis Gustavo when he was my internship supervisor at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). He was extremely patient, attentive, engaged and commited to the project, Global Action for Business Integrity, which we worked on together. He always maintained a constructive and dynamic dialog with all our team members inside and outside Brazil, and demonstrated a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Once we worked directly, Luis was always very respectful, professional, and didactic. Even after I left the office, he is solicitous and kind, helping me many times in my own professional path. Very happy to have worked with Luis.

Sofia Steinsack Rocha

Boursière Eiffel | MRIAE Master 1 Relations Internationales et Action à l'Étranger | Université Paris 1 Panthéon

An incredible professional and a human being of unparalleled kindness. I worked in a translation service with Luis Gustavo, where I was the contracted company and he with great excellence conducted the service with a lightness, even though it was such a difficult job, with tight deadlines, where we and he were already very exhausted, but he did not let the stress take over the team.

Aline Bié

CEO (Bié Traduções)

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